Supporting Small and
Medium Enterprises

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises

‘Robinhood’ – the first food delivery platform with no GP charge Creating shared value throughout the value chain under a ‘Social Enterprise’ model

With the intention of aiding small restaurants in navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis and ensuring their sustainable operation, the SCBX Group by Purple Ventures Co., Ltd. introduced a food delivery platform known as ‘Robinhood.’ By adopting a ‘Social Enterprise’ model, this platform aims to tackle issues, boost online sales prospects for restaurant owners, generate employment for delivery riders, and bring benefits to consumers. Over time, Robinhood has evolved into a holistic ‘Thai Super App,’ tailored to cater to the various customer lifestyles in this digital era.

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‘Social Enterprise’ model
Social Enterprise’ model


Platform starting point:
‘Help small people’

As COVID-19 spread across Thailand In April 2020, numerous restaurants had to adapt by joining food delivery platforms to maintain access to their customer base. Nonetheless, the bank discovered that over 50 percent of small restaurants remained unlisted on any platform due to their inability to afford GP (Gross Profit) or platform usage fees. Furthermore, their limited cash flow was exacerbated by delayed payments from the service platform. Meanwhile, delivery riders faced the challenge of providing advance payment for customers’ food orders. They also sought fair compensation and desired societal recognition for their honorable profession.

Based on the identification of the aforementioned issues or pain points, the development of ‘Robinhood’ commenced, taking approximately 3 months to create the system, followed by 2 months of testing. Throughout this process, the customer’s perspective and experience served as the foundation and guiding principle.


Formal launch of the ‘Robinhood Food Delivery’ – Thai app for Thais

Driven by the desire to assist and uplift restaurant entrepreneurs, particularly small establishments, and with a steadfast commitment to standing alongside Thai society in every circumstance, Robinhood officially launched its services, offering unique strengths.
1. No platform fee and GP fee, thereby, granting them the opportunity to boost their revenue and profit without incurring any additional costs associated with utilizing online platforms.
2. Merchants receive cash within 1 hour after food and beverages are delivered to customers’ homes, providing them with cash flow to expand their business during the economic crisis.
3. Riders receive a fair income without any commission deductions, and they also receive compensation for their food delivery services on the same day and with 24-hour protection insurance.
4. The payment system operates entirely through digital transactions, ensuring the safety of all parties involved. This eliminates the need for cash handling, and riders are relieved of the burden of providing advance payment for customers’ food orders.


Launch of Robinhood Rider Application with ‘Robinhood EV Bike’ model The first Thai food delivery elevating the quality of life of riders and a sustainable environment

In addition to the store, another small person who is important to the food delivery business are ‘Deliverers’ or’ Riders’. An important piece of the puzzle, they are not just food delivery persons. They deliver happiness through food to Robinhood customers.

The Robinhood Rider Application has been developed with the purpose of providing enhanced job distribution system management, with the goal of boosting riders’ incomes, expanding job opportunities, and broadening their horizons. It warmly welcomes individuals who aspire to embark on a career as riders, regardless of whether they possess their own motorcycles. In collaboration with esteemed electric motorcycle service providers in Thailand, ETRAN and H SEM, the application also offers a convenient option for riders to rent electric motorcycles (EVs) on a daily basis. Remarkably affordable, the rental fee stands at a mere 120 baht per day. This initiative not only aims to increase career prospects and uplift the quality of life for Robinhood riders amid the current delicate economic climate but also strives to contribute to the creation and advancement of an environmentally friendly electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand.


‘Free Shipping on All Orders During Lockdown’ campaign to help alleviate the suffering of people in society.

In response to the severe and widespread epidemic situation in July, the government announced a lockdown in the most controlled and strict areas. SCB and Robinhood consequently implemented special measures, offering ‘Free shipping on all orders’ from July 11 to August 2, 2021. The aim was to alleviate the financial burden on customers by providing free food delivery with every order. This initiative served to support restaurants, particularly small merchants, by generating orders and income to sustain their businesses. Additionally, it created opportunities for additional job openings for riders. It is hoped that these special measures will serve as a model, encouraging those in influential positions to contribute to society and provide support to those facing challenging times. This initiative aims to offer relief and assistance to those in need.


Launch of ‘Robinhood Travel’ with Zero Commission position

Providing Online Travel Agent (OTA) services, including accommodation bookings, plane ticket reservations, travel activities, car rentals, and insurance to help tour operators across Thailand with an original Zero Commission stance, Robinhood plans to continue campaigning with hotels and small resorts in 2023, operating under the concept of being more environmentally friendly.


Launch of ‘Robinhood Mart’ with lowest GP, not over 15%

Providing services for ordering fresh products from over 4,000 partner stores, including exclusive stores only available on Robinhood such as HomePro and EVEANDBOY, our platform offers four key points: fast delivery, no need to wait; lowest GP in the market; selection of premium products; and a 24-hour call center.


Launch of ‘Robinhood Express’

Providing document and parcel delivery services, catering to both B2C (Business to Customer) and C2C (Consumer to Consumer) needs, our service is distinguished by four key points: fast delivery, confidence, professional riders, and 24-hour care. This offering aims to expand options for customers, particularly online stores, and businesses, by providing swift delivery within a single day. This not only reduces the costs associated with conducting business but also aligns with the preferences of modern consumers who seek immediate product delivery. Additionally, our service presents an opportunity for riders to increase their earnings.

Expanded services to Robinhood Ride

that obtained a license for operation in mid-2022, encompassing not only traditional ride-hailing but also electric vehicle services in the form of subscriptions (EV Subscription). Additionally, we provide various financial products, including digital credit and insurance options, to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

Enhancing the capabilities of SME businesses to achieve long-term success in the future

Thai SMEs face fierce competition in both domestic and international markets, constantly encountering diverse environments and factors that challenge their abilities, particularly in the realm of knowledge development, which serves as the cornerstone for sustainable growth. Recognizing this, the SCBX Group by SCB has diligently pursued the SCB SME Academy project since 2019, ensuring its continuous implementation. The academy aims to be a business knowledge community that nurtures the all-round potential of SMEs. It offers five main courses that provide in-depth knowledge imparted by qualified mentors and successful businessmen.

The DOTs

Courses designed to prepare and enhance the skills required for professionally inheriting a family business in the digital age while ensuring steady growth.

IEP – SCB Intelligent

Specialized courses aimed at expanding business vision, fostering the utilization of new business tools, and facilitating the exchange of practical experiences in business management from successful SME entrepreneurs.

ITP – SCB Intelligent
Trade Program

Courses designed to expand the business potential of participants into the trade sector and facilitate the export of products to foreign countries in the context of a rapidly changing business environment with collaboration with the Department of International Trade Promotion’s New Generation Trader Development Institute.

IBE – SCB Innovation
Based Enterprise

A course that enhances knowledge in applying innovation to business development in collaboration with the NIA Academy.

Mentor Development Course

The Highest level course, designed to cultivate SME entrepreneurs to become consultants and effectively pass on their success to junior SMEs

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