SCBX’s culture focuses on
empowering individuals and
fostering an inclusive environment.

We embrace diversity and appreciate the unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences of our team, driving innovation and helping us achieve our vision as a leading regional financial technology group.

Each business within SCBX operates with its own distinct approach, tailored to the unique nature of their industry and influenced by the characteristics of their leaders. This business-specific culture allows for diverse ways of working while embracing our differences. While each business has its own unique characteristics, they all adhere to the 5 fundamental beliefs at SCBX, ensuring a consistent and strong culture that unites the SCBX group, driving innovation and success in the financial technology space.

Our Group DNA, consist of five fundamental beliefs – Entrepreneurship Mindset, Collaboration, Financial Discipline, Customer First, and Technology & Data First – this serves as the foundation for all our businesses.

Join our dynamic and
passionate team at SCBX and
be a part of our mission to
redefine the financial
technology landscape.
Join our dynamic and passionate
team at SCBX and be a part of
our mission to redefine the
financial technology landscape.

Foundational beliefs

Foundational beliefs

Entrepreneurship mindset

Identifying and making the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings


Working together with other people or organizations to achieve a goal

Financial Discipline

Thinking about financial stability, security and sustainability of a business

Customer First

Putting the customer at the forefront of everything and aiming for customer satisfaction over short-term gains

Technology &
Data First

Embracing digital technology to help more efficiently and realize its full potential as an industry game-changer

Thoughts from our team

from our

Khun Thanit P.
Khun Thanit P.Legal Specialist
“At SCBX, I enjoy engaging in challenging work that broadens my horizons and expands my knowledge base, including the opportunity to cover regional work that promises a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, allowing me to gain invaluable experience that have helped me to develop both personally and professionally”
Khun Arisa N.
Khun Arisa N.Associate Director, BD
“SCBX is an organization that gives young generations a platform to grow and make a significant impact. I am particularly impressed with the teamwork, collaboration and open culture that is prevalent throughout the organization, as it fosters an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and a willingness to learn from one another”
Khun Tanyatorn T.
Khun Tanyatorn T.Strategic Planner, Digital Business & Technology
“SCBX is a dynamic and innovative company that fuels my motivation and fosters continuous learning and growth. Its flexible work environment empowers me to create value and deliver results while maintaining an excellent work-life balance.”