“InnovestX Securities” unveils new strategies for laying groundwork and driving the future of finance, investment, and digital assets

: “InnovestX Securities” unveils new strategies for laying groundwork and driving the future of finance, investment, and digital assets

“InnovestX Securities” unveils new strategies for laying groundwork and driving the future of finance, investment, and digital assets

The company is introducing "InnovestX" the Super App that traverses the investment universe, creating a new ecosystem to accommodate the transforming contexts. InnovestX is determined to make it easier for everyone to enter the broader and all comprehensive investment and financial markets

• Striving to become ASEAN’s leading provider of comprehensive digital asset investment and services.
• Taking giant steps forward and getting ready for an IPO in three years.

To enter the digital asset business on a grand scale, “InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd.”, formerly known as SCB Securities Company Limited (SCBS), is revealing its new strategies under the concept of “Future of Finance Reimagined.”

The company will focus on the future of the financial and investment industry’s ecosystem. The company is launching Thailand’s first super app called “InnovestX,” which pools together both domestic and international equities, mutual funds, bonds, and digital assets. InnovestX intends to work with the SCBX group of companies to provide essential investment financial infrastructure and a comprehensive suite of digital asset services, thereby laying a platform for future growth and increasing competitiveness. It plans to go public with a goal of four to five million customers within three years and a spot in the top five in the ASEAN region investment and digital asset business.

InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Arak Sutivong, said,

“Technology plays a significant role in reshaping the landscape and influencing the future of the financial sector, particularly blockchain technology, which is the broadly used and underlies digital asset technology. As a result, the financial world has expanded rapidly, creating new prospects in financial business and investment opportunities for everyone. Under the concept of “Future of Finance Reimagined,” InnovestX Securities has launched a major corporate strategy shift to both expand their traditional investment services and be ready to enter the digital asset market.

The strategy will focus on the development of infrastructure and the future of the financial and investment ecosystem in order to make investments and digital assets accessible to everyone through a universe of equal investment opportunities enabled by technologies and innovations. InnovestX’s ultimate goal is to dominate the ASEAN investment and integrated digital asset segment.”

“Today, we have combined the power of technology with business savvy and investor knowledge to create a new platform called InnovestX App, Thailand’s first super app that unites all assets in a single app, including Thai stocks, international stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and digital assets. The application was designed based on the knowledge of the diverse demands of clients, whether rookie investors or experienced investors. We anticipate the InnovestX App expanding the number of investment options from across the world available to everyone, bringing them on par with those in industrialized nations. Ultimately, this will generate sustainable financial growth over the long term.”

“In response to the new context of the future financial and investment world, we are getting ready to establish the financial and investment infrastructure and ecosystem of the future based on blockchain technology and digital assets, leveraging blockchain technology and digital assets to adapt to the shifting landscape of the global context. Through rigorous study and the pursuit of new opportunities, we will join forces with SCBX Group companies such as Token X and SCB 10X to expedite the development of comprehensive digital asset services for Thai people to help them reap the most benefit.”

Dr. Arak concluded InnovestX’s business goals by saying that “Within three years, we anticipate the rise in number of users to reach four to five million and becoming one of the top five investment and digital asset businesses in ASEAN, while simultaneously preparing for the company’s listing and IPO”

InnovestX is the only securities company in Thailand that has both securities and digital asset brokerage licenses. The company is determined to take the industry to the next level by providing secure, transparent investment financial services and by collaborating with regulators to ensure that all customers receive the highest quality service.

The InnovestX Application is Thailand’s first “Super App” for investing, as it brings all asset classes in one app and strives to “understand investment demands” from every angle.

Help rookie investors understand that starting to invest is not easy

The “Intelligent Portfolios” service is a Digital RM with automated intelligence technology to help manage investment portfolios. Investors can choose to personalize their investment in various styles, such as Guru portfolio, Goal-based portfolio, or Thematic portfolios. Investors do not need to have a million baht but can still gain access to a personal investment assistant.

Understand the challenge of gaining access to any investment

Customers can invest in all assets, including Thai stocks, international stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and digital assets, by opening a single account. It features a convenient and bank-grade onboarding process.

Understanding that assets must be diversified to generate superior results.

We enable users to invest in all assets through an all-in-one trading platform and single-view portfolio.

Understand that opportunities exist across all asset classes.

For the first time, customers can invest in digital and other assets within a single app, with selected coins of exceptional quality. Connecting to key partner exchanges such as FTX, Coinbase, and Bitkub gives it the most liquidity.

InnovestX’s launching “Zero Gravity” campaign frees investors from costs, allowing them to freely explore the investment universe beyond limits.

  • ZERO Baht account opening fee! No minimum required.
  • ZERO Baht Intelligent Portfolios service fee!
  • ZERO Baht Brokerage fee for international stock investments totaling 100,000 baht and Zero Baht application fee for W8-BEN tax filing service
  • ZERO Baht Digital Asset Brokerage fee

InnovestX is a universal investment app that allows users to invest in all assets, anywhere. This offer is valid until December 31, 2022. Users will be able to download the app from October 8, 2022 onwards. For further details, please visit www.InnovestX.co.th or InnovestX Facebook Page.

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