Siam Paragon Unleashes ‘SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX’

: Siam Paragon Unleashes ‘SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX’

Siam Paragon Unleashes ‘SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX’

'SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX,' The Collaborative Tech Ecosystem, situated on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon. Fueled by a substantial investment of over 200 million baht, this dynamic community serves as a vibrant hub for learning.

Key Highlight

Bangkok (October 4, 2023) – Taking a monumental step towards shaping the future, Siam Paragon, the esteemed landmark in the heart of Bangkok, has joined hands with SCBX and key partners in the digital technology, investment, and social media sectors. Together, they have birthed ‘SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX,’ The Collaborative Tech Ecosystem, situated on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon.

Fueled by a substantial investment of over 200 million baht, this dynamic community serves as a vibrant hub for learning. It warmly welcomes young minds, students, and inquisitive individuals of all ages to flourish and exchange knowledge, preparing for the rapidly advancing digital era. In this endeavor, there is a resolute embrace of Siam Piwat’s dedication to sustainable development.

This visionary undertaking also fervently signifies a pivotal moment in Siam Paragon’s transformation. As a global landmark nestled in the heart of this bustling city, it embarks on a mission to redefine excellence, envisioning lifestyles of the future across every conceivable dimension within ‘The World of Tomorrow’.

Ms. Thanaporn Tantiyanon, Group Head, Siam Paragon Business Unit, expressed, “Siam Paragon stands tall as a prominent world-class destination, holding its own among prestigious projects worldwide. Over the years, it has earned a special place in the hearts of both locals and international visitors alike. Each day, the complex hosts an impressive 120,000 to 150,000 visitors, culminating in over 50 million guests annually. Positioned as a central global landmark at the heart of Bangkok, Siam Paragon is committed to investing more than 3 billion baht this year for a transformative venture. This visionary initiative aims to pioneer the world’s inaugural prototype platform, bringing together luminaries from every discipline for collaborative innovation. The ultimate goal is to elevate lives through extraordinary world-class experiences that exceed all expectations”.

“Today, Siam Paragon has taken another significant step in its transformative journey into “The World of Tomorrow”. Collaborating with leading partners in tech ecosystem, SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX,”, covering a floorspace of over 4,000 square meters, is a testament to Siam Piwat’s visionary ambition. Dedicated to learning and potential enhancement, the space empowers young people, students, and people from all generations to exchange knowledge, self-improve, discover new inspirations, and explore the frontiers of emerging technologies, ensuring they are equipped for the digital landscape that lies ahead.

Miss Siriporn Haruethaivinyoo, Division Head – Corporate Partnership, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., emphasized, “At the heart of this transformation lies the essence of Co-Creation & Collaboration. This powerful approach has united eminent partners from Thailand and beyond, each contributing their distinct knowledge, expertise, and boundless potential, resulting in a seamless synergy and the emergence of groundbreaking phenomena within the retail industry.”

“Siam Paragon owes its remarkable evolution to the invaluable support and partnership of esteemed partners spanning across every sector in tech ecosystem. Spearheaded by SCBX, our ecosystem boasts more than 10 co-founding partners, over 100 partner organizations, and a collective of over 1,000 key opinion leaders and experts in the global tech landscape. Together, we have forged ‘SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX.’ This endeavor propels us further toward delivering extraordinary experiences, seamlessly bridging the realms of our shopping center and the digital world.”

Miss Siriporn added further that “Siam Paragon also places great emphasis on sustainability and has thus partnered with SYNNEX, a prominent player in the IT ecosystem. Together, we have launched the ‘Trusted By Synnex E-Waste’ project. This innovative endeavor aims to combat electronic waste pollution and address global warming concerns. Integral to this effort, e-waste collection points will be strategically placed, ensuring that discarded electronic devices are either recycled and upcycled to enhance resource efficiency, or responsibly disassembled and recycled using a zero-landfill approach in alignment with international standards.”

Dr. Arak Sutivong, Deputy CEO of SCB X Public Company Limited, emphasized, “One of SCBX’s primary objectives has been to establish itself as the leading fintech conglomerate in the region. Our strategic collaboration on SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX embodies the unified vision of two prominent Thai private entities, strongly committed in driving Thailand forward and elevating the country into the region’s pivotal digital innovation hub.”

“SCBX proudly introduces AreaX, which was driven by a firm commitment to cultivate a thriving tech community in Bangkok. This 100 sq.m. is tailored to cater to the specific needs and interests of tech talents, offering in two distinct zones”.

Dr. Arak elaborated that the first zone, known as the Developer Lounge, Thailand’s first, boasts adjustable workstations and advanced coding monitors, catering to developers and digital nomads in line with the work-from-anywhere trend, breaking free from traditional office constraints.

The second zone is the Experience Zone, dedicated to learning, networking, and knowledge sharing, will host a series of workshops on innovation and technology. These sessions, conducted by SCBX and esteemed national and global partners, will provide valuable insights and shared experiences for attendees. This zone will also feature rotating exhibits of financial innovations from SCBX-affiliated companies and partner organizations, granting the public broader access to the world of fintech.

“SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX”: The Collaborative Tech Ecosystem , Elevating Tech in Every Sphere with the Motto “Smarter, Better, Richer”.

Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., outlined the guiding principle behind the creation of the space, stating, “Embracing the ethos of ‘Smarter, Better, Richer,’ SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX will function as a comprehensive tech community hub, offering opportunities for learning and skill enhancement across all tech domains. Our diverse range of partner-hosted activities cater to individual interests, fostering idea-sharing and technological exploration. We extend an invitation to global partners to join us in delivering over 400 year-round activities, encompassing brand experiences, content, and workshops.”

  1. SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX consists of 7 Future Communities:
  2. DEV CONNECT This community serves as a seamless bridge for developers, uniting the worlds of technology,  through cooperation and partnership of industry leaders.
  3. BLOCKCHAIN WEB3 & FINTECH This community pioneers the digital age with blockchain, digital assets, and cutting-edge fintech technologies. It brings together business operators, investors, and tech enthusiasts, creating boundless opportunities in the digital realm.
  4. NEW TECH This community is focused on fostering innovation and advancing new technologies that will be instrumental in shaping the future and driving the growth of startups.
  5. HEALTHTECH HUB This community highlights health concepts and innovations driven by sustainable technologies, promoting both human well-being and environmental protection. It also features Looloo Technology’s AI and Telemedicine Technology solutions for health consultations, establishing itself as Thailand’s inaugural hub for health tech enthusiasts.”
  6. GAMER’S GUILD This community serves as a hub for gamers and enthusiasts to converse about their interests, preferred game genres, and exchange gameplay techniques.
  7. AI ARENA This community focuses on communication technology for individuals or groups, providing a platform for sharing creative ideas and technologies related to entertainment
  8. SOCIAL CO-CREATORS This community offers influencers and social media enthusiasts a platform to exchange experiences and expertise, backed by world-class partnerships

In addition to the seven Future Communities, SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX presents SCBX NEXT STAGE for seminars and workshops, accommodating up to 300 participants for knowledge exchange. It also features an exhibition zone dedicated to various creative art forms, targeting younger generations. The debut exhibit by renowned French artist Miguel Chevalier promises a unique interactive experience for Thai audiences throughout the year.

Moreover, the space houses a curated innovation area, featuring a demonstration of robotic art creation by The Saltbox Workshop at its launch. This zone will also host Space K, a South Korean partner, utilizing mixed reality media art to bring K-Culture narratives to life in a vivid display of light and color.

Siam Paragon, in collaboration with SCBX and key partners in the technology, digital, investment, and social media sectors, has unveiled ‘SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX,’ The Collaborative Tech Ecosystem. The opening ceremony, held on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon, was graced by the presence of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Ms. Paetongtarn Shinawatra, Head of the Pheu Thai Family. This tech community aims to empower the new generation and propel Thailand towards becoming a regional hub for digital innovation in the future.

A standout moment during the grand opening was the Global Tech Talk @ SCBX Next Tech, featuring an unprecedented gathering of prominent figures in the global tech industry. Held on October 4-6, 2023, on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon, the event boasted an impressive lineup of tech experts, including Mr. Alejandro Navia, Co-Founder & President of NFT NOW; Mr. Sebastian Borget, Co-Founder & COO of THE SANDBOX; Mr. Brendon Matheson, Solution Area Specialist App Innovation of Microsoft; Mr. Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO & Managing Partner of Hashed; Mr. Reuben Lim, COO of Singapore Fintech Association; Mr. Derrick Loi, General Manager International Business of the Digital Technology Business Group of Ant Group; Mr. Michael Sung, Chairman Horizen Digital and Director Institute of Digital Finance Innovation (IDFI) from Zhejiang University International Business School; Mr. Atul Harkisanka, Regional Business Head of LinkedIn; and Mr. Dave Davani, CEO of Blue Resources.

In addition, at SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX, a diverse array of activities will be hosted by esteemed partners. These include events such as Android Bangkok, DevFest-Cloud AI Bangkok, and Google I/O by Google Developer Group; SCBX Unlocking AI Seminars by SCBX; Martech Integration Day by MarTech Association (Thailand); Thai-Hungarian Fintech Forum by the Thai Fintech Association; and seminars on finance and investment by Money & Banking, the organizers of Money Expo and Community Meetup.

Additionally, there will be workshops and seminars covering topics like fintech, blockchain, Web3, AI, health, gaming, social media, and new technology. These sessions are open to all and will take place at SCBX NEXT STAGE, situated on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon.

The launch of SIAM PARAGON NEXT TECH x SCBX, The Collaborative Tech Ecosystem, represents a significant stride in redefining the landscape of shopping centers and retail enterprises. It aims to align with the evolving lifestyles of the future and stands as a pivotal element in the comprehensive transformation towards ‘The World of Tomorrow,’” said Thanaporn Tantiyanon.

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