Be a part of
the SCBX mothership’s sustainable growth

SCBX is the mothership of the financial technology business group comprising Siam Commercial Bank, SCB 10X Co., Ltd., Card X Co., Ltd., InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd., Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., and other companies. Aspiring to become ‘The Most Admired Regional Financial Technology Group’,
SCBX drives and powers the development and execution of strategic initiatives, with a particular emphasis on financial enterprises and digital technologies. This includes pursuing new business opportunities, M&A, strategic investments, partnerships, and divestitures. It captures some of the biggest growth opportunities with superior returns, by adapting to consumers' changing behaviors and demands in a timely manner. These industries will improve the overall quality of life while serving a greater purpose. The company conducts business with flexibility and prudence in governance and risk management and has the potential to compete equally in global competitions.

Our vision & mission

SCBX aspires to become "The Most Admired Financial Technology Group in ASEAN" and aims to increase its customer base to 200 million people across Thailand and the ASEAN nations. The strategy for extending the firm overseas will involve forming partnerships with important industry leaders and building customer-reaching platforms and ecosystems.

SCBX has a mission to make finance simple, accessible, and affordable for all through
the power of technology and innovations.

SCBX plays crucial roles in:

1) Determining the business group's strategies and policies and maximizing the efficiency of resource management.

2) Coordinating business activities among group companies in order to generate synergy and value for the financial business group.

3) Overseeing group enterprises by enhancing their adaptability to maintain independent and professional management capable of designing business plans to match target groups and provide sustainable growth and returns.

4) Increasing investments in new enterprises that create continuous expansion for
the financial business group. Group companies will conduct business in conformity with Bank of Thailand regulations.

Why SCBX ?

Financial service models began to evolve due to the tendency of fast changing consumer behavior in this era of digital technology. Financing products has never been easier or more accessible with unlimited connections. Confidence will shift toward technology when everything is on a digital platform and blockchain technology can swiftly and accurately verify financial transactions.

SCBX was founded with the intention of establishing a business group that can grow sustainably, extending from a strong bank into new businesses that have the potential to become
a part of customers' daily lives in the digital era and becoming a leader in responding to changes in the financial business of the future.
The emphasis is on cooperating with corporate partners in a variety of industries to reach a large number of consumers and to maximize
the potential of emerging technologies.

A future made

by all of us

SCBX resembles a mothership, with group firms functioning as micro vehicles that undertake financial businesses, financial technology businesses, and digital platform companies that grow alongside Siam Commercial Bank,
the group's core company. The organization has adopted agile management in order to expand its operations effectively 

SCBX also establishes corporate governance and management commensurate to the level of risk exposure and anticipated revenue of each company. This will be a crucial factor for success in the face of rapid technological advancements and intense competition and will enhance
the long-term growth potential of the SCBX Financial Business Group.