AutoX launches “Ngern Chaiyo” with 3 core concepts: Understanding – Accessible– Reliable

: AutoX launches “Ngern Chaiyo” with 3 core concepts: Understanding – Accessible– Reliable

AutoX launches “Ngern Chaiyo” with 3 core concepts: Understanding – Accessible– Reliable

To be among Top 3 leaders in title loans with 70 billion baht in loan outstanding by 2025, ready for IPO within 5 years.

AutoX Co., Ltd., a provider of title loan under the SCBX Group, emphasizes its corporate vision to relieve financial stress, particularly among unbankable Thai people. To accomplish that vision, the company has launched “Ngern Chaiyo”, a title loan solution to tap the market with 3 core concepts: Understanding – Accessible – Reliable for market differentiation and competitiveness.

With a music marketing strategy to build brand awareness and recognition, Jintara Poonlarp, Top famous country songs singer, “Chaiyo Paad Paad” song for Ngern Chaiyo. In addition, the company has collaborated with “Lom Wong Mun” to hold a “Lom Wong Mun Wan Ngern Chaiyo” concert tour in big cities across Thailand. AutoX aims to be among top 3 leaders in title loans business with 70 billion baht in loan outstanding and over 1 million customers by 2025 and to be ready to launch an IPO within 5 years.

AutoX Chief Executive Officer Apiphan Charoenanusorn said,

“According to the Bank of Thailand’s survey on household access to financial services in 2020, over 55% of the Thai population, or some 36 million people, cannot access loans offered by financial institutions. Moreover, the economic downturn during the recent COVID-19 pandemic has increased financial burdens among the Thai people. To address this pain point, we are committed to relieve financial stress, so that Thai people can be happy and shout “Chaiyo” again.

We are now ready to officially launch our “Ngern Chaiyo” brand to offer title loans. Further to a soft launch earlier in July 2022, we have received a warm response from targeted customers. By end of year, we estimate to have 80,000 customers, and 10 billion baht in loans, comprising of 50% motorcycle loans, 25% car loans, and 25% commercial vehicle loans. We have 1,200 branches providing services every day as well as 200,000 downloads on digital channels such as mobile application and Chaiyo OAs which customers can apply for a loan, check balance, and payment, etc.

The three core concepts upon which “Ngern Chaiyo”

will advance into the title loan business are as follows:

1. Understanding: Empathize with clients, especially those who are unbankable segment. This will help AutoX develop better solutions, like the Banded Pack, which combines loans for full amounts with no upfront fees and free insurance for every contract. Customers can collect their money as quick as an hour after approval.

2. Accessible: AutoX is devoted to expanding the financial inclusion availability for the Thai population. As a result, the Company has established numerous service channels, such as its over 1,200 Ngern Chaiyo branches across the country, agents, Ngern Chaiyo applications, Line Connect, home delivery personnel, and various partners.

3. Reliable: Customers who have paid their debts can use their “Ngern Chaiyo” cash cards to withdraw cash up to the amount of their principal payment without providing any further proof of identity. Cash can be obtained at no cost from any ATM in the country. Since monetary issues might arise at any time, “Ngern Chaiyo Branch” is available for service seven days a week.

“Aiming to raise public awareness and brand recognition of “Ngern Chaiyo”, we have opted for a “Music Marketing” strategy, enlisting the help of well-known singer “Jintara Poonlarp” to perform the song “Chaiyo Paad Paad”, which promotes the brand through catchy musical rhythms and lyrics.

To further promote “Ngern Chaiyo,” we have collaborated with the “Lom Wong Mun” to host “Lom Wong Mun Wan Ngern Chaiyo” concerts in major cities across Thailand. By 2025, we plan to have more than one million customers, 70 billion baht in loans outstanding, 3,000 Chaiyo branches around the country, 3 billion baht of net profit, and return on equity of more than 25%. The company’s long-term goal is to prepare for the company’s listing and IPO by 2027, and one of its intermediate goals is to become one of the top three leaders in title loan business providers in Thailand,” concluded Ms. Apiphan.

About Auto X Co., Ltd.

Auto X Co., Ltd., a member of the SCBX Group, provides title loans lending to consumers across the country, both online and offline. The company is committed to alleviating the financial difficulties of Thai citizens by consistently focusing on developing quality products and services to generate sustainable growth and social value. For further information, please visit


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